Hermetic Diagnostics


Hermetic Diagnostics is the brain child of Dr. Stuart Mark Berlin. In the summer of 1997 during Kabbalistic meditation Dr. Berlin had a visionary experience. This visionary experience took a while to be understood rationally and eventually became the hypothesis that the evolutionary function of the apocrine gland was diagnostic. Dr. Berlin’s visionary hypothesis has resulted in his U.S. patent granted in 2003 and in data that support his hypothesis especially with regards to the concentration of THC in apocrine sweat during acute marijuana intoxication. His patent is available for immediate licensing.


A manufacturer who develops a prototype test for THC following the patent and research data will find an enormous market in the U.S. since there is currently no test available to detect acute marijuana intoxication, and because of the growing trend of legalization of marijuana use in the U.S. starting with medical marijuana in many states and decriminalization in Washington State and Colorado.


Law enforcement, employers and marijuana users will all benefit from this test. This test will make it much more likely for marijuana to be treated the same as alcohol, even though marijuana is much safer than alcohol.


Here is the link to Dr. Berlin's Patent http://www.google.it/patents/US6585646




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